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Mike Strand has worked with many great companies over the years. The following are many of those that are highly recommended. Additional links are here.

Online-Kiosks.Net - An Internet Kiosk video messaging software system providing targeted, timely and custom advertising messages on indoor billboards to high traffic areas, waiting rooms and lobbies in banks, doctor, dentists, service centers, etc.

StrandVision.Com - A video and web site development company capable of most multimedia capabilities including development in html, php, sql, flash, java and others. Adding their full video editing capabilities provides a powerful web presense.

Kiosk-Forum.Com - A forum to discuss various topics relating to working and communicating with employees and marketing to your customers.

Small Business Administration - This site gives you all the information you need to get your small business up and running. It provides information on business licenses, up to date info on business and zoning laws, and many other useful links to help you establish and maintain your small business. - This site offers advice, tools, tips, and links for business start-ups. It also provides business opportunity and franchising information. - This site gives you up to the minute news and information about the stock market. It also provides investing strategies, tips, and tools. - This site provides financial information. It's a great resource to compare banks, credit cards, loans, interest rates, and much, much more. - 360º of Stock Market Information. Compare stocks and mutual funds. A great resource for researching investments. - This site rates products and services. It gives actual customer feedback and comments and allows you to see for yourself which products and services really cut the mustard. - One of the original search engines.


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